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My X1/9 story

I purchased my 1975 X 1/9 from a friend of mine for only $2.00. He wanted to get rid of it, as you can tell. I didn't really know what kind of car it was when I got it, but I thought it would be an interesting summer project. Well that summer project turned into an 18 month restoration, but I finally finished it in February of 1995 and then had to put NEW valves, springs, etc. in around May. Since then, I have had no major problems.

I recently purchased a '74 to scrap for parts. After I tore everything off the car that I thought I would need, I scraped it and only received $22.00 for the body! The weekend of 7/6/96 I purchased (4) X1/9s and I now have in my possesion (2) 1979 w/o transmission, (1) 1976 which WAS restored, (1) 1975 that is basically a junker, and of course my fully restored 1975. I am considering restoring on of the 79 models and hopefully venture into body kits from Eurosport or any other body kit company, so if anyone has had any experience with these kits, please Email me with some stories/info/etc....

Please Email me if you are looking for a part...I probably have it!!!

X1/9 Pictures

My 1975 X1/9 Restoration
Bought Primer Back Primer Front Painted Side Restored Back Restored Front Restored Side

Current Pictures of my X1/9

Side Front Back Side Dash

Miscellaneous pictures from FLU Freak Outs and Concours Italiana 1996.
Thanks to Brian Sullivan!

If any of these cars happen to be YOURS let me know! ;)
Row of X1/9's Red X1/9 Brian's and John's X1/9s (FLU Atlanta) Road Trip X1/9's 2 Red X1/9's '77 X1/9 ALL original Green 1974 X1/9
3 Red X1/9's Red X1/9 Red X1/9 1970 Fiat 850 Racer Scorpion Stratos Prototype Stratos
Stratos Lamborghini Marzal Prototype Bertone Blitz (Electric) Lamborghini Anthon Prototype 1967 Fiat Dino Spyder 1967 Fiat Dino Spyder Freak out '95

Pictures from Fiat Motor Club Summer Bash '96
Thanks to Mike Hurley

Mike's X1/9 X1/9's X1/9's X1/9's X1/9's Winner

Pictures from 1997 Classic and Sports Car Show
Thanks again to Mike Hurley

White X1/9 Green X1/9 Green X1/9

NEW USER GALLERY! Click here to view or to add your X1/9 picture.

X1/9 Links

Email me your X1/9 links!

My Eurosport Page
I put together a small price page of Eurosport X1/9 body kits here.

My X1/9 tips page
Check here to submit and read some tips and tricks about the X1/9.

Derek Coombes Fiat Page

Stefan Kober's Fiat X 1/9 page! DOWN

Zach's Fiat Page

Mark Cole's X1/9 Home PageDOWN

The Fiat FAQ
Good document to check for answers to common questions.

The Fiat Page
Check out The Fiat Page at Mirafiori! Here you will find an Interactive Fiat Forum, PBS Engineering, Linea Rossa, and more!!

Todd Hassan's Fiat X1/9 Home Page

The Bertone Page
Good luck getting here. I always get a timeout trying this one!

The X1/9 Owners Club
The home page of the club in England. Register your X1/9 in their registry!!

International Auto Parts'
A good place to buy Fiat Parts!

Fiat Lancia Unlimited
A National Club for Fiats and Lancias! These guys host a yearly FIAT "FREAK OUT" Check here for info on joining.

Cris's Fiat Pix Page
Pictures of X1/9 brochure from dealer!DOWN

Akkana's Slick Rock Surf--Autocrossing Page
This guys autocrosses an X1/9!

Singapore's First Bertone X/19 Homepage
Check this page out for some NICE photos of a Eurosported X1/9!!

Japan's Group RUNABOUT
Check out the Fiat X1/9 page in Japan!

The DiFatta Brothers
Provides OEM equipment for Fiat, Alfa, Lancia, and many other Italian names.

A Norwegian Fiat X1/9 page
Has listing off Fiat Parts providers, and other X1/9 links!

The Budzinski Fiat Page

Matt's Fiat X1/9 page

Ken's Fiat X1/9 Page

Fiat Parts Listing NEW
Check here for New and Used parts for all types of Fiats!

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